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Our Supporters


Kate Jenkins

Kate Jenkins Cycle Hub Founder

Kate Jenkins
Cycle Hub Founder

Kate Jenkins

Position: General Manager and Founder of the Cycle Hub

What was your inspiration for starting the Cycle Hub?

The Bike Station in Edinburgh was a big inspiration, but mostly it was the desire to do something that would make a difference.  And of course cycling is a great love of mine.

How do you picture the Cycle Hub in three years time?

Into year 4 I’d love to see even more smiley faces. I’d like us to be in a slightly bigger premises that can accommodate ‘everyone’ that wants to be a part of this.  I see us having a full training diary and a community cafe and restaurant along side.  Also a BMX pump track near by!

What have been the biggest obstacles so far?

Not having more hours in each day!

What has been your biggest achievement so far?

My biggest achievement has been staying sane throughout the whole process! On a more serious note, the big achievement of the Cycle Hub so far has been the accumulation of numerous little steps that have brought together the local cycling and non cycling community. This includes things like linking together the local bike shops and clubs, working with local schools and societies, the council and British Cycling. Over the last few months the vision has really started to take shape and it’s a very exciting period!

If you had limitless funds, what bike would you buy?

Well… it is ever changing. But at the moment focus would be on a cargo bike for our ‘Dr Bike’ service out into the community.

On a personal note, it would be the addition of a road bike and a hybrid to join my mountain bike.  Anything I can ride really!

Ian Daniels

Ian Daniels

Workshop Manager


Ian Daniels

How did you get involved in the Cycle Hub?

During a Career break following 28 years in the Royal Navy, I popped in to see what it was all about, talked to Kate and then came back on a Fix Your Bike session to build up my own Mountain Bike. I started volunteering, helped out with holiday cover and then Kate asked me to join the team.

My first bike:

A Falcon road bike from about 1973 with 5 speed gears and downtube shifters. I gave it away to a next door neighbour many years ago but if I still had it it would allow me to take part in many ‘vintage’ events.

What got me interested in cycling?

I used to cycle to and from school and used the bike at University.

After something of a long gap from cycling a friend took me Mountain Bike Orienteering and I also rediscovered the joys of road cycling and have recently completed 2 100 mile sportives.

Dream Cycle Trip:  Trans America Trail

If I had limitless funds, what would I buy?

A top of the range Carbon road bike and a full suspension MTB.

What first drew you to Watford Cycle Hub & why did you want to get involved?

I liked the idea of a business set up to benefit the local community and wanted to do something where I can see a definite result at the end of each day and know that what Watford Cycle Hub has done, whether its a bike sale, a service or some rider training has made a difference to someone.

What are your aspirations for Watford Cycle Hub?

For it to become the first place people in the area think of when they think about anything to do with cycling.

How can you make a difference?

By actively promoting the Hub and its various activities at every available opportunity and by casting a fresh eye over something that is already really good and find ways to continuously improve what we do.


John Wright



John Wright

Position: Volunteer – Fully qualified bike mechanic who delivers the maintenance sessions.

How did you get involved in the cycle hub and what does it mean to you?

Introduced to the Hub by a friend, I have been in and around bikes since I was a kid and wanted to get involved with a community project and get some more riding in.

What was your first bike and what happened to it?

I’m pretty sure it was an old tin plate tricycle when I was really little, progressing up to a steel framed road bike which was my main mode of transport until I learnt to drive.

What first got you interested in Cycling?

When I was a kid, we all had bikes and cycled everywhere.
We used to collect old bikes from the local tip and refurbish them and sell them on.

What is your dream cycle trip?

There’s so much to choose from, unfortunately work gets in the way of extended trips. I like to do micro expeditions, carrying everything on the bike, sleeping rough and travelling off road. Recent trips have included, Dartmoor and Exmoor. Salisbury Plain and the Ridgeway.
Future plans include the Pennine Bridleway and a route across Wales.

If you had limitless funds, what bike would you buy?

I currently have 5 bikes, which covers most bases. However the equation for the correct number of bikes is N+1. Where N is equal to the number of bikes already owned. I still have space for a 29er, Full on Downhill bike, and something titanium………


We couldn’t exist without the help of our brilliant volunteers!  Come and join our team….

John Hancock


Malcolm Edwards


Richard Nobbs