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Bike Servicing And Repairs

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Safety Check £25
Essential Service £40
Standard Service £60
Overhaul £120

Servicing And Repairs


Safety  Check.    £25 (plus parts)

Ideal if your bike has been off the road for a short while and stored away from the elements or you just want peace of mind that it’s good to go for that special event.

  • Check all nuts and bolts are correctly torqued,
  • Check the tyres are correctly inflated and in good condition
  • Check all major mechanical components for wear and condition making basic adjustments to gears and brakes when required.

Essential  Service.   £40 (plus parts) (NB Hydraulic Brake Bleed extra)

If you’re a regular rider and look after your bike this is for you either once or twice per year depending on you mileage.

  • As per the Safety Check plus
  • Adjustments to the Headset and Bottom Bracket where necessary
  • Optimal tuning of the transmission system including mech hanger alignment check
  • Gear cables, brake cables and blocks replaced as necessary.

Standard  Service.  £60 (plus parts) (NB Hydraulic Brake Bleed extra)

If your bike has not had any TLC for a while or you’re getting back into riding after a break and dragging that bike out of the shed or garage then you should consider this.

  • As above but with all transmission components removed from the bike, degreased and cleaned
  • All transmission components serviced or replaced as required,
  • All bearings checked and serviced.
  • Wheels trued as necessary.

Overhaul Service.  £120 (plus parts)

This is for you if you are getting a long neglected machine back to full running order.

  • A full strip down to fork and frame with all components checked, cleaned and replaced as required.

We will

  • Carry out all work to the highest industry recognised standards
  • Fully assess your bike free of charge and let you know the recommended work package and obtain your agreement before proceeding.
  • Inform you at the earliest opportunity if we discover the need for any additional work on your bicycle
  • Keep you updated on progress particularly if we need to order in particular components.
  • Work with you to find the most cost effective way to get you riding again.

 We will not

  • Carry out unnecessary work
  • Carry out work unless we have agreed it with you in advance



If you have a specific issue with your bike we can fix it whether it be a puncture repair or something much more involved.  If you are looking to upgrade your bike we can advise you and fit your new kit.  Call to discuss with one of our workshop team who will be happy to work with you to get you riding again.